VHSC Spring 2024 Season Information


League Dates:  March 23, 2024 – May 25, 2024

  • League bye – Easter weekend (March 30, 2024)
  • Registration will be open January 7, 2024 – January 20, 2024. We cannot guarantee registration after these dates.



  • Each team will have ONE weekday evening practice and ONE weekend game (this may be Saturday or Sunday and will be communicated at the start of the season)
  • U4 and U6 games will always be played at Villa Hills fields
  • U8, U10, U12 and U14 will have an alternating field schedule
  • Leagues are determined by player birth year (see below). As a reminder, a child can play UP, but cannot play down a league.
Birth Year League
2021 U4
2020 U4
2019 U6
2018 U6
2017 U8
2016 U8
2015 U10
2014 U10
2013 U12
2012 U12
2011 U14
2010 U14


Player and Coach Requests:

  • This is a recreational soccer league. Team requests can be made by players and/or parents, and we will do our best to honor these requests.
  • As a reminder, if 20 players request the same team, we cannot place all 20 players on the same team and will have to create 2 separate teams. If you place multiple requests, we will do our best to honor EITHER a coach or friend request in instances when we can’t honor both.
  • Please be very specific in yours requests by using first and last names of requested players/coaches. We do not who you are referring to when you write “put with her cousin”.
  • Please do not write, “place on team with VMA kids” or “SJS 2nd grade”. We do not know which player attends which school or who is in which grade.


Coach Registration

  • We are always in need of coaches, especially for our younger leagues. Please consider volunteering as a coach at time of registration
  • All coaches will be required to complete a risk management video prior to the start of the season



Referee information:


1. Absolutely under NO circumstances are earrings to be worn during practices or games.  If your child wants his/her ears pierced, please wait until the off season because they are NOT allowed on the soccer field during play/game.
2. Shin guards must be worn UNDER socks.  They cannot be on top of the sock with the sock pulled over them and taped.  The referee will ask you to take them off and place them under the sock in order for play to resume.