Kentucky Soccer Families,We have just published the winter schedule of referee courses through the end of February. These courses continue to be entirely online (including a Zoom Learning Session). In March, we will resume in-person field sessions so do not miss this chance to take this class from the comfort of your home!Take a look here for the current schedule Entry-Level Referee Course Schedule that includes December 19, January 2, 16, 30, and February 6 and 20. The classes are set for Sunday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in an attempt to avoid conflicts with other activities.

Being a referee is among the best part-time job anyone can have as you essentially set your hours and can make in excess of $20/hr. Please consider signing up today…

Details on how to sign up can be found at In addition to the course fee of $65.00, there is a $30 background check for anyone over the age of 18.

Please direct any questions on this or any referee matter to Chad Collins at

Chad Collins

How to become a referee:

Information for New Referees

 Referee Assignors


USSF Referee Pay Scale


 o   each team pays half of the ref fees for each game


Half/each team pays

 CTR  AR ea.



$12  $24.00




 $30.00  $20.00




 $40.00  $30.00




 $46.00  $35.00


 Game Length – Ball Size

 Age    Length of Game    Ball Size     Length of Half

 U14    70 minutes              5                35 minutes/halves

U12    60 minutes              4                 30 minutes/halves

U10   50 minutes               4                 25 minutes/halves

U08  48 minutes               4                 12 minute/qtr

U06  32 minutes               3                  8 minute/qtr

U04  32 minutes               3                  8 minute/qtr


1. Absolutely under NO circumstances are earrings to be worn during practices or games.  So if your child wants their ears pierced wait til the off season because they are NOT allowed on the soccer field during play/game.
2. Shin guards must be worn UNDER socks.  They can not be on top of the sock with the sock pulled over them and taped.  The referee will ask you to take them off and place them under the sock in order for play to resume.